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More reflections

April 14, 2009

A lot has happened in 2 years now. Exactly 2 years ago, I remember discussing with my dad at our passover seder in the Minneapolis suburbs where I should live in New York for the internship I had just luckily gotten over at MTV. I suppose this year’s passover made me really think back to then, and how crazy things have been. And in like two weeks, it will be a full year since graduating from Brandeis. This past year might have been the most dramatic period of changes that I will ever go through.

A full chronicle, month by month: (I understand if you don’t really care. This is just something I want to have as it has been a very important year for me.)

March ’08- Work for two startup companies, and Finish up with the Brandeis Hoot.

April ’08- More of the same, bask in the glory of being a senior. Visit NYC for stress filled housing hunt over Passover break.

May ’08- Find an apartment at the last minute, a day before graduation, in East Village, Manhattan, where I will live through at least June 2010. Graduate from Brandeis, fly directly to London the day after with parents.

June ’08- Things with both startups don’t really pan into full time gigs. Move in to NYC. Start searching for jobs, land at a medical journal around Mid- June as temporary layout editor. Grad party in Minnesota with quite uncertain future in NY.

July ’08- Back to unemployed again. As much as these days sucked, the 3 weeks or so were pretty awesome. I kind of miss the freedom. Walked miles every day, stayed up late, had a few interviews.

August ’08- Interview and land internship with stipend at Flatiron Media. Also work at for about a month and a half.

September ’08- Interview at Spin Magazine and start work in marketing department, replacing time spent at Insound.

October ’08- Get full-time offer from Flatiron Media. Go to first CMJ. Halloween parade. Philly.

November ’08- Home for thanksgiving, Obama celebration.

December ’08- Decide to apply to NYU Music Business program spur of the moment. Start working on essay around christmas. Atlantic City for the first time.

January ’09- Send in applications for early admissions. Get assists from former professor, employer, internship supervisor. Travel to Boston, Del Ray for company, and Washington D.C. for inauguration weekend. Left Spin mid- month.

February ’09- Birthday, Letterman, got accepted to NYU/went nuts, and visited new students seminar.

March ’09- renewed lease for another year, sister turned 21, joined twitter and Spotify (both possibly highly important for future).

April ’09- Visited Brandeis while in session for first time since leaving a year ago. Got financial aid info on NYU.

So basically, I went from “I’m going to work for a startup and stay out of business school and I have no idea where I will be living in a month” a year ago to “I’m going to work full-time for a relatively mid-sized media company and go to night school part-time at NYU while living in the East Village for far too much money”. Oh, how times change. It has been a fun journey. The freaky part will be the weirdness of having a “summer” not surrounded by any school at all. But it sort of is. Next fall I’ll be a student again. So in one sense, this summer is more of a real summer than the one a year ago. I’ll have to do a similar post in April 2010, I think.


Stream of consciousness post

March 25, 2009

the past days have included:

parents in australia/new zealand, visit by sister and friend to see the play “Hair”, March madness watching and office pool, new friendships with people in the area, Metal bar under the williamsburg bridge and a liquor spinning wheel, discovering the White Castle in Williamsburg, watching Gophers lose in bro bar The Joshua Tree, discovering amazing music service Spotify, possibly planning SXSW trip next year, cupcakes, renewed lease thru june ’10.

to come in the following days:

prodigy concert, crystal castles dj set and subsequent star trek dance party, the courteeners free show, nyu music networking events, financial aid info, walking to work again, emo fest in boston, trip to philadelphia to see sis, Nine inch nails, jane’s addiction and tom morello show in june, seeing cousin perform at the lincoln center, brandeis graduation?/hoot drop-in?, rooftop party july 4th and/or when school starts, pong and then atlantic city with tapiwaaa, yankees games, red sox games, hanging out on the roof bbqing and drinking.

For some day to day info

March 4, 2009

I’m now on Twitter, the latest online trend, it seems. I’d really like to try and use this for more of a sort of “condensed RSS feed” in more of an intellectual light if at all possible. I’ll be posting my day to day thoughts, musings, links, and other content on there, while making the more lengthy posts on here.

In one sense, I believe Twitter can be much more useful than say a Facebook can be, but in another it can be much less useful. You can really read a shortened news story or follow the link in real time, and I think intellectual forwardness is much more integral to Twitter than Facebook. Meaning, I can’t read about the homeless housing problem in NYC on Facebook. Sure, I could go to that site or blog in the first place, but this allows me to see shortened versions of many stories and then delve into the ones I am most interested in.

On the other hand, many people use it for things that have been looked at by the media as miscellaneous and boring, like posting such things as “Bed.” “shopping at the gap”, etc, etc. In essence we have a Facebook updates feed on steroids, something of which I have yet to determine if I will or will not avoid.

I really do think it partially depends on a person’s choice of who or what they decide to follow. You can track CNN, RollingStone, various blogs, or you can track Joe Schmoe, and John Deere. I’m focusing on my passions, as well as some cool stuff like a MN Twins sports ticker, random people and friends, and I guess the occasional celebrity or two.

Twitter is perhaps the ultimate irony. It is a place for people who want to spend more time at having less time. Chew on that one.

That being said, feel free to follow me at:

This weather reminds me of home

March 3, 2009

Since it is snowing and I’m bunkering myself in for the night and watching 2 hours of 24, I thought it’d be a good time for an update. Things are going very well as of late. I got in to the Music Business program at NYU for Grad school, a dream I’ve had for maybe 4-5 years now. I officially put my deposit down and I’m ready to go for next fall. Even got to meet some fellow early decisioners and sit in on a class. It is a very exciting opportunity and I can’t express my happiness to have sort of made a rather quick decision to even apply. It should be an interesting couple of years. I introduced one fellow grad to his first can of PBR, and gave him an idea of exactly how tiny a NYC apartment is. Everyone seemed ridiculously excited, and from all over the place. One guy was from New Mexico, another Chicago, another LA, Minneapolis, others from Sweden and Australia. Financial aid is the next big aspect of this, but for now I’m going to do part-time, I believe.

I’ve just been working full-time and relaxing pretty much. Went and did a free tour of the Apollo, saw a random drug deal at the White Castle in Harlem, then had a couple of nights spent with various Brandeis people / new people I’ve met in Brooklyn, and reading a few audio books to pass the time. Even organized a Bdeis Alum meetup taking place this week.

Thinking of buying a bike for when it gets nicer out to cruise around the city on. I’ve only really biked around here once, and it was intimidating yet quite a wonderful experience. Baseball season is on its way too, which makes me immensely happy, since it means that its that nicer time of year again, and that I can ideally go to a few games at the New Yankee Stadium.

Got to go to Florida to see my grandma and West Palm beach area for a work related trip, which was a nice getaway. Being in DC for inauguration was also amazing, and I think that all of us that were there were quite awed by the whole thing. I’d like to get back to DC for a more “relaxing” trip, meaning seeing some museums that there was no way at all to see during that hectic inauguration weekend.

2009 is already awesome

January 6, 2009

This year just continues to f’ing rule. I mean seriously. The last few days / first few of 09 hath included:

  • 2 zimbabweans, and 3 Jews in the Village
  • An appearance and couch crashing by John Gustav Farr, Mr. Pepose, Mr. Tapiwa Mushove
  • New Jersey Nets game for free basically and subsequent PATH trip back. Worst arena/ atmosphere ever though, haha.
  • Vikings bar and subsequent loss, though still  a good time.
  • NYU stuff done. Last minute follow through from people.
  • And now the kicker… Just found out today we’re going on a work trip all expenses paid to Delray Beach, Florida from Jan. 25-28th. This means I get to go visit my grandma in Key Largo (the first of the Florida Keys).
  • Sister visiting the 15th. Then Washington DC January 16-20th for inauguration weekend. Then Boston on the 30th. Then something awesome or other for birthday.
  • Apple killed DRM.
  • Franken won Minnesota!

Heck yes…

Good way to start the year… I hope

January 2, 2009

So I’m all set with the Grad school forms and whatnot for NYU Music Business. One of my old professors at Brandeis followed through at the last minute. Thank god. Even though it wasn’t necessary, since it was an extra letter of recommendation. Now all I can do is sit here and pray I get in. There’s a lot more stuff going on right now, but that’s it for this entry.

Happy New Year

December 31, 2008

Well, I guess I’ll be the one to wish everyone a happy new year. Hope you’ve all got wonderful plans and such. Mr. Farr and I are rendezvousing in NYC with another Brandeis friend. So woo Brandeis reunions.

Despite the shit economy, I think 2008 was a good year. Barack got elected, we’ve all graduated and entered the real world, and Guns ‘N’ Roses released an album. Not bad at all. I know we’ve all got our goals and such for the coming year. I guess mine is to get into Grad School at NYU for Music Business and continue to work over here at Flatiron Media. Oh yeah, and go to Israel or the UK. How about everyone else?

Here’s to ’09.

Future Plans

December 17, 2008

Alright. I’m hunkering down. Here are tentative plans for 2009!! Or so I’d like to think/hope. Call it an early new year’s list of goals let’s say…As they happen, I’m going to cross’em off. So hopefully next December 31st, there will be more strikethroughs than non strikethroughs.

–Workin’ hard at Flatiron Media.

–Stayin’ at SPIN for as long as possible. (left mid- January 09)

–Apply to NYU Music Business at the Steinhardt school for the Graduate School Master’s program.

–If I get in, look into financial stuff:

option a) FAFSA (form submitted)

option b) leave SPIN and use the extra money I’d be getting for F/T work on one or two night classes. Though I do enjoy SPIN ever so much.

option c) forgo a raise in exchange for tuition money, etc

option d) get a roommate (NYU student, sketchy person off CL, sister for the summer, Dbear)

option e) move to BK! Greenpoint would be nice. Don’t think I could take Williamsburg.

option f) defer a year (look into this a bit more) and save.

backup schooling options: Media Studies program at The New School.

If I get into neither: Work hard, apply again in a year.

–Travel plans: Either birthright Israel/ or London. Or the wild card would be to visit my friend Paul if he’s in Poland or Europe still. Or get him as my option d. This trip to occur In the summer. DC for Barack’s inauguration. Free trip to Toronto. See parents and sister in March here. Go to MN at least once. Go to Philly to see sister. Boston once a month or so.

Bands to see: Blur, The Verve, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, R.E.M., Santogold, MBV (that one might be tough), Sonic Youth / Led Zeppelin show in BK, The Prodigy (they should be touring again), Supergrass, Crystal Castles (new year’s eve, maybe?), Glasvegas. Be more involved in music industry events during CMJ. Free summer shows of course. Go to at least 1 festival besides CMJ.

Side projects: work on super secret idea. Maybe work with a music startup? Get to some .com conferences?

Stuff to do: Yankees and Mets at the new stadium. Rangers/Knicks game. Go to Minnesota Vikings bar nearby. Explore Park Slope a bit. Take the Staten Island Ferry. Astoria. Museums. Join a poker club? Tour some microbreweries. Find some cool rooftop hangout spots. Smithsonian museums in DC. Philly shenanigans. Niagara Falls? Something crazy for b-day (Letterman taping). July 4 rooftop party. Gym it more.

To buy: cable? if I can afford it/ rationalize having it.

So here’s to 2009. May most if not all of these things happen. Huzzah!

Top 17 albums of the year post

December 16, 2008

my music of 08

17. does it offend you, yeah?- you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into, was impressed that they pulled off the electro stuff so well…
16. fleet foxes- s/t, great debut. these guys are this years indie darlings.
15. hot chip- made in the dark, just as good as their last album. great dance music.
14. Los Campesinos- We are beautiful, we are doomed. they came out with two albums in one year. and they’re both pretty good. take that axl rose. that’s 28 times your level of productivity.
13. Little Joy- S/T, what can i say, i’m a fan of the strokes. and these guys have that vibe.
12. NIN- The Slip, taking that over the instrumental they released as well. This one rivals Year Zero. trent is the man.
11. of montreal- skeletal lamping, really its tough to not have a full feature of montreal album not in the top 10 whenever they come out with something
10. Portishead- Third, what a nice comeback they had.
9. R.E.M.- Accelerate, back in style. ranks up there in my top 4-5 REM albums. a shame i had to miss seeing them.
8. Glasvegas- s/t, great, but very hyped up uk band. only makes sense i’d love them.
7. Vampire Weekend- s/t, the new arcade fire/gnarls barkley/buzz band that is trendy 101. very good debut, and its a nice new sound. hope there’s no sophomore slump though.
6. The Verve- Forth, was aptly numbered until i moved it to 6th place. will never stop loving the verve.
5. Cut Copy- In Ghost Colours, catchy and nice pretentious spelling of colors
4. The Last Shadow Puppets- Age of the Understatement, what can i say, i’m an arctic monkeys fan. plus these songs resemble something out of a james bond opener or something.
3. Crystal Castles- s/t, man this one is probably the best electronic music ive heard in quite some time. blast it all the way thru.
2. Bloc Party- Intimacy, love this album. hard choice for #2. some killer songs and was lucky enough to see them live for free.
1. Santogold- S/T, very catchy stuff. better than MIA in my opinion. if you havent heard of her now, you will

honorable mentions: the summer ep- Dustin Smith aka Bitcrushr, kings of leon- only by night, the kaiser chiefs- off with their heads, basically anything Justice put out that you could call 2008, i’m from barcelona- who killed harry houdini, the futureheads- this is not the world, fujiya and muyagi- lightbulbs, foals- antidotes, ac/dc- black ice, black keys- attack & release, mgmt- oracular spectacular (wayyy overrated in my opinion but good), vivian girls- s/t, tv on the radio- dear science, cage the elephant- s/t

edit- ** add the new oasis album- dig out your soul, to honorable mentions. its no definitely maybe or WTSMG, but its decent. **

Here’s to 6 months

December 12, 2008

Well, it has been 6 months of living here now. That number seems fairly crazy. And it has been a good 4.5-5 of those months of working over at Flatiron Media. This past month has been especially great, as I’ve gotten an extremely generous holiday gift, given out a couple of my own, and played shuffleboard with my co-workers. I have to say, it is quite a fun thing to try, though I have to work on my skills a bit. They recently hired another person, so I am no longer the newbie too! My coworkers are coming in more often, so it has been a bit more lively here, which is nice.

Spin has been pretty low key as usual. I got to write an article for their website. It’s more of a promotional thing they’re doing, but nonetheless I’m pretty psyched to have at least gotten one thing up. I am not sure how long I’ll be there for, though I’m going to hope it is for more than these few months.

Also went to an info session at The New School, which is literally five minutes away from work. They have a decent Media Studies program, and its fairly inexpensive, so its a nice possibility. They specifically cater to students who are working full-time, and most of their classes are at night. It would be a nice fallback if NYU Music Business falls through. That program is also on my list of things to investigate. Now that would literally be a dream come true. They even send their students to London for like a month to work on projects.

Other random updates: got a hookah set, saw Kyra Sedgwick, loaded up on a bunch of free bus tickets all over the East coast, met a nice girl, got a grinder and some coffee beans, plans to see family in March, probably going to Brandeis NY event in January. Ah, and Blur are back together. Best news ever.