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April 14, 2009

A lot has happened in 2 years now. Exactly 2 years ago, I remember discussing with my dad at our passover seder in the Minneapolis suburbs where I should live in New York for the internship I had just luckily gotten over at MTV. I suppose this year’s passover made me really think back to then, and how crazy things have been. And in like two weeks, it will be a full year since graduating from Brandeis. This past year might have been the most dramatic period of changes that I will ever go through.

A full chronicle, month by month: (I understand if you don’t really care. This is just something I want to have as it has been a very important year for me.)

March ’08- Work for two startup companies, and Finish up with the Brandeis Hoot.

April ’08- More of the same, bask in the glory of being a senior. Visit NYC for stress filled housing hunt over Passover break.

May ’08- Find an apartment at the last minute, a day before graduation, in East Village, Manhattan, where I will live through at least June 2010. Graduate from Brandeis, fly directly to London the day after with parents.

June ’08- Things with both startups don’t really pan into full time gigs. Move in to NYC. Start searching for jobs, land at a medical journal around Mid- June as temporary layout editor. Grad party in Minnesota with quite uncertain future in NY.

July ’08- Back to unemployed again. As much as these days sucked, the 3 weeks or so were pretty awesome. I kind of miss the freedom. Walked miles every day, stayed up late, had a few interviews.

August ’08- Interview and land internship with stipend at Flatiron Media. Also work at for about a month and a half.

September ’08- Interview at Spin Magazine and start work in marketing department, replacing time spent at Insound.

October ’08- Get full-time offer from Flatiron Media. Go to first CMJ. Halloween parade. Philly.

November ’08- Home for thanksgiving, Obama celebration.

December ’08- Decide to apply to NYU Music Business program spur of the moment. Start working on essay around christmas. Atlantic City for the first time.

January ’09- Send in applications for early admissions. Get assists from former professor, employer, internship supervisor. Travel to Boston, Del Ray for company, and Washington D.C. for inauguration weekend. Left Spin mid- month.

February ’09- Birthday, Letterman, got accepted to NYU/went nuts, and visited new students seminar.

March ’09- renewed lease for another year, sister turned 21, joined twitter and Spotify (both possibly highly important for future).

April ’09- Visited Brandeis while in session for first time since leaving a year ago. Got financial aid info on NYU.

So basically, I went from “I’m going to work for a startup and stay out of business school and I have no idea where I will be living in a month” a year ago to “I’m going to work full-time for a relatively mid-sized media company and go to night school part-time at NYU while living in the East Village for far too much money”. Oh, how times change. It has been a fun journey. The freaky part will be the weirdness of having a “summer” not surrounded by any school at all. But it sort of is. Next fall I’ll be a student again. So in one sense, this summer is more of a real summer than the one a year ago. I’ll have to do a similar post in April 2010, I think.