Stream of consciousness post

the past days have included:

parents in australia/new zealand, visit by sister and friend to see the play “Hair”, March madness watching and office pool, new friendships with people in the area, Metal bar under the williamsburg bridge and a liquor spinning wheel, discovering the White Castle in Williamsburg, watching Gophers lose in bro bar The Joshua Tree, discovering amazing music service Spotify, possibly planning SXSW trip next year, cupcakes, renewed lease thru june ’10.

to come in the following days:

prodigy concert, crystal castles dj set and subsequent star trek dance party, the courteeners free show, nyu music networking events, financial aid info, walking to work again, emo fest in boston, trip to philadelphia to see sis, Nine inch nails, jane’s addiction and tom morello show in june, seeing cousin perform at the lincoln center, brandeis graduation?/hoot drop-in?, rooftop party july 4th and/or when school starts, pong and then atlantic city with tapiwaaa, yankees games, red sox games, hanging out on the roof bbqing and drinking.


One Response to “Stream of consciousness post”

  1. dj Says:

    crystal castles have been replaced with designer drugs at that star trek party

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