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I’m now on Twitter, the latest online trend, it seems. I’d really like to try and use this for more of a sort of “condensed RSS feed” in more of an intellectual light if at all possible. I’ll be posting my day to day thoughts, musings, links, and other content on there, while making the more lengthy posts on here.

In one sense, I believe Twitter can be much more useful than say a Facebook can be, but in another it can be much less useful. You can really read a shortened news story or follow the link in real time, and I think intellectual forwardness is much more integral to Twitter than Facebook. Meaning, I can’t read about the homeless housing problem in NYC on Facebook. Sure, I could go to that site or blog in the first place, but this allows me to see shortened versions of many stories and then delve into the ones I am most interested in.

On the other hand, many people use it for things that have been looked at by the media as miscellaneous and boring, like posting such things as “Bed.” “shopping at the gap”, etc, etc. In essence we have a Facebook updates feed on steroids, something of which I have yet to determine if I will or will not avoid.

I really do think it partially depends on a person’s choice of who or what they decide to follow. You can track CNN, RollingStone, various blogs, or you can track Joe Schmoe, and John Deere. I’m focusing on my passions, as well as some cool stuff like a MN Twins sports ticker, random people and friends, and I guess the occasional celebrity or two.

Twitter is perhaps the ultimate irony. It is a place for people who want to spend more time at having less time. Chew on that one.

That being said, feel free to follow me at:


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  1. Says:

    Facebook updates on steroids, haha. Yeah, twitter is in a weird phase right now. It’s kind of a love it or hate it deal with all types of stigma attached to it. If I come across a twitter and It looks like status updates, I steer clear. People are creative though, and I’m sure every day, they’re finding new uses for it.

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