This weather reminds me of home

Since it is snowing and I’m bunkering myself in for the night and watching 2 hours of 24, I thought it’d be a good time for an update. Things are going very well as of late. I got in to the Music Business program at NYU for Grad school, a dream I’ve had for maybe 4-5 years now. I officially put my deposit down and I’m ready to go for next fall. Even got to meet some fellow early decisioners and sit in on a class. It is a very exciting opportunity and I can’t express my happiness to have sort of made a rather quick decision to even apply. It should be an interesting couple of years. I introduced one fellow grad to his first can of PBR, and gave him an idea of exactly how tiny a NYC apartment is. Everyone seemed ridiculously excited, and from all over the place. One guy was from New Mexico, another Chicago, another LA, Minneapolis, others from Sweden and Australia. Financial aid is the next big aspect of this, but for now I’m going to do part-time, I believe.

I’ve just been working full-time and relaxing pretty much. Went and did a free tour of the Apollo, saw a random drug deal at the White Castle in Harlem, then had a couple of nights spent with various Brandeis people / new people I’ve met in Brooklyn, and reading a few audio books to pass the time. Even organized a Bdeis Alum meetup taking place this week.

Thinking of buying a bike for when it gets nicer out to cruise around the city on. I’ve only really biked around here once, and it was intimidating yet quite a wonderful experience. Baseball season is on its way too, which makes me immensely happy, since it means that its that nicer time of year again, and that I can ideally go to a few games at the New Yankee Stadium.

Got to go to Florida to see my grandma and West Palm beach area for a work related trip, which was a nice getaway. Being in DC for inauguration was also amazing, and I think that all of us that were there were quite awed by the whole thing. I’d like to get back to DC for a more “relaxing” trip, meaning seeing some museums that there was no way at all to see during that hectic inauguration weekend.


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