2009 is already awesome

This year just continues to f’ing rule. I mean seriously. The last few days / first few of 09 hath included:

  • 2 zimbabweans, and 3 Jews in the Village
  • An appearance and couch crashing by John Gustav Farr, Mr. Pepose, Mr. Tapiwa Mushove
  • New Jersey Nets game for free basically and subsequent PATH trip back. Worst arena/ atmosphere ever though, haha.
  • Vikings bar and subsequent loss, though still  a good time.
  • NYU stuff done. Last minute follow through from people.
  • And now the kicker… Just found out today we’re going on a work trip all expenses paid to Delray Beach, Florida from Jan. 25-28th. This means I get to go visit my grandma in Key Largo (the first of the Florida Keys).
  • Sister visiting the 15th. Then Washington DC January 16-20th for inauguration weekend. Then Boston on the 30th. Then something awesome or other for birthday.
  • Apple killed DRM.
  • Franken won Minnesota!

Heck yes…


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