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2009 is already awesome

January 6, 2009

This year just continues to f’ing rule. I mean seriously. The last few days / first few of 09 hath included:

  • 2 zimbabweans, and 3 Jews in the Village
  • An appearance and couch crashing by John Gustav Farr, Mr. Pepose, Mr. Tapiwa Mushove
  • New Jersey Nets game for free basically and subsequent PATH trip back. Worst arena/ atmosphere ever though, haha.
  • Vikings bar and subsequent loss, though stillĀ  a good time.
  • NYU stuff done. Last minute follow through from people.
  • And now the kicker… Just found out today we’re going on a work trip all expenses paid to Delray Beach, Florida from Jan. 25-28th. This means I get to go visit my grandma in Key Largo (the first of the Florida Keys).
  • Sister visiting the 15th. Then Washington DC January 16-20th for inauguration weekend. Then Boston on the 30th. Then something awesome or other for birthday.
  • Apple killed DRM.
  • Franken won Minnesota!

Heck yes…


Good way to start the year… I hope

January 2, 2009

So I’m all set with the Grad school forms and whatnot for NYU Music Business. One of my old professors at Brandeis followed through at the last minute. Thank god. Even though it wasn’t necessary, since it was an extra letter of recommendation. Now all I can do is sit here and pray I get in. There’s a lot more stuff going on right now, but that’s it for this entry.