Future Plans

Alright. I’m hunkering down. Here are tentative plans for 2009!! Or so I’d like to think/hope. Call it an early new year’s list of goals let’s say…As they happen, I’m going to cross’em off. So hopefully next December 31st, there will be more strikethroughs than non strikethroughs.

–Workin’ hard at Flatiron Media.

–Stayin’ at SPIN for as long as possible. (left mid- January 09)

–Apply to NYU Music Business at the Steinhardt school for the Graduate School Master’s program.

–If I get in, look into financial stuff:

option a) FAFSA (form submitted)

option b) leave SPIN and use the extra money I’d be getting for F/T work on one or two night classes. Though I do enjoy SPIN ever so much.

option c) forgo a raise in exchange for tuition money, etc

option d) get a roommate (NYU student, sketchy person off CL, sister for the summer, Dbear)

option e) move to BK! Greenpoint would be nice. Don’t think I could take Williamsburg.

option f) defer a year (look into this a bit more) and save.

backup schooling options: Media Studies program at The New School.

If I get into neither: Work hard, apply again in a year.

–Travel plans: Either birthright Israel/ or London. Or the wild card would be to visit my friend Paul if he’s in Poland or Europe still. Or get him as my option d. This trip to occur In the summer. DC for Barack’s inauguration. Free trip to Toronto. See parents and sister in March here. Go to MN at least once. Go to Philly to see sister. Boston once a month or so.

Bands to see: Blur, The Verve, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, R.E.M., Santogold, MBV (that one might be tough), Sonic Youth / Led Zeppelin show in BK, The Prodigy (they should be touring again), Supergrass, Crystal Castles (new year’s eve, maybe?), Glasvegas. Be more involved in music industry events during CMJ. Free summer shows of course. Go to at least 1 festival besides CMJ.

Side projects: work on super secret idea. Maybe work with a music startup? Get to some .com conferences?

Stuff to do: Yankees and Mets at the new stadium. Rangers/Knicks game. Go to Minnesota Vikings bar nearby. Explore Park Slope a bit. Take the Staten Island Ferry. Astoria. Museums. Join a poker club? Tour some microbreweries. Find some cool rooftop hangout spots. Smithsonian museums in DC. Philly shenanigans. Niagara Falls? Something crazy for b-day (Letterman taping). July 4 rooftop party. Gym it more.

To buy: cable? if I can afford it/ rationalize having it.

So here’s to 2009. May most if not all of these things happen. Huzzah!


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