Top 17 albums of the year post

my music of 08

17. does it offend you, yeah?- you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into, was impressed that they pulled off the electro stuff so well…
16. fleet foxes- s/t, great debut. these guys are this years indie darlings.
15. hot chip- made in the dark, just as good as their last album. great dance music.
14. Los Campesinos- We are beautiful, we are doomed. they came out with two albums in one year. and they’re both pretty good. take that axl rose. that’s 28 times your level of productivity.
13. Little Joy- S/T, what can i say, i’m a fan of the strokes. and these guys have that vibe.
12. NIN- The Slip, taking that over the instrumental they released as well. This one rivals Year Zero. trent is the man.
11. of montreal- skeletal lamping, really its tough to not have a full feature of montreal album not in the top 10 whenever they come out with something
10. Portishead- Third, what a nice comeback they had.
9. R.E.M.- Accelerate, back in style. ranks up there in my top 4-5 REM albums. a shame i had to miss seeing them.
8. Glasvegas- s/t, great, but very hyped up uk band. only makes sense i’d love them.
7. Vampire Weekend- s/t, the new arcade fire/gnarls barkley/buzz band that is trendy 101. very good debut, and its a nice new sound. hope there’s no sophomore slump though.
6. The Verve- Forth, was aptly numbered until i moved it to 6th place. will never stop loving the verve.
5. Cut Copy- In Ghost Colours, catchy and nice pretentious spelling of colors
4. The Last Shadow Puppets- Age of the Understatement, what can i say, i’m an arctic monkeys fan. plus these songs resemble something out of a james bond opener or something.
3. Crystal Castles- s/t, man this one is probably the best electronic music ive heard in quite some time. blast it all the way thru.
2. Bloc Party- Intimacy, love this album. hard choice for #2. some killer songs and was lucky enough to see them live for free.
1. Santogold- S/T, very catchy stuff. better than MIA in my opinion. if you havent heard of her now, you will

honorable mentions: the summer ep- Dustin Smith aka Bitcrushr, kings of leon- only by night, the kaiser chiefs- off with their heads, basically anything Justice put out that you could call 2008, i’m from barcelona- who killed harry houdini, the futureheads- this is not the world, fujiya and muyagi- lightbulbs, foals- antidotes, ac/dc- black ice, black keys- attack & release, mgmt- oracular spectacular (wayyy overrated in my opinion but good), vivian girls- s/t, tv on the radio- dear science, cage the elephant- s/t

edit- ** add the new oasis album- dig out your soul, to honorable mentions. its no definitely maybe or WTSMG, but its decent. **


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