Here’s to 6 months

Well, it has been 6 months of living here now. That number seems fairly crazy. And it has been a good 4.5-5 of those months of working over at Flatiron Media. This past month has been especially great, as I’ve gotten an extremely generous holiday gift, given out a couple of my own, and played shuffleboard with my co-workers. I have to say, it is quite a fun thing to try, though I have to work on my skills a bit. They recently hired another person, so I am no longer the newbie too! My coworkers are coming in more often, so it has been a bit more lively here, which is nice.

Spin has been pretty low key as usual. I got to write an article for their website. It’s more of a promotional thing they’re doing, but nonetheless I’m pretty psyched to have at least gotten one thing up. I am not sure how long I’ll be there for, though I’m going to hope it is for more than these few months.

Also went to an info session at The New School, which is literally five minutes away from work. They have a decent Media Studies program, and its fairly inexpensive, so its a nice possibility. They specifically cater to students who are working full-time, and most of their classes are at night. It would be a nice fallback if NYU Music Business falls through. That program is also on my list of things to investigate. Now that would literally be a dream come true. They even send their students to London for like a month to work on projects.

Other random updates: got a hookah set, saw Kyra Sedgwick, loaded up on a bunch of free bus tickets all over the East coast, met a nice girl, got a grinder and some coffee beans, plans to see family in March, probably going to Brandeis NY event in January. Ah, and Blur are back together. Best news ever.


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