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Added responsibilities, added traveling, and added things

November 18, 2008

So the past few weeks have been fairly low key, yet in another sense not so much. I guess what I mean here is that I’ve kind of become a bit more set in my ways and less crazy about certain things. This might partially be because I’m no longer telecommuting so much, and I want to continue to do well at work. It was perhaps a huge relief to finally see my first paycheck, and also going hand in hand with that is my first real business card. Exciting stuff…I now also have a key to the office, and am learning a few other aspects of the business/job that I wasn’t responsible for before. But overall, things are going well, I think.

Spin’s been good. Just doing some simple stuff here and there for the marketing dept. Can’t complain. I’m in and out of there fairly quickly too, it’s like 10-11:45 twice a week.

Pep and I have been hanging out quite a lot, sort of doing a bit of exploring here and there and also settling on a couple of cool hangout spots. The best place we’ve found is this jazz club in the village called the “Fat Cat”. They have pool, ping pong, chess, scrabble, wireless internet, couches, jazz, and an assortment of good beer, and its like right next to the subway. You can feel the subway underground too, which is kind of funny.

Halloween was the shit. Saw the fantastic parade, got basically stuck in wall to wall of people crossing the street, had a low key rooftop party, and had some wacky adventures that led to a) white castle b) going to a mcdonald’s at 4 amish amongst the homeless people and much more that I’m going to have to leave out.

Philly seeing sis was nice. It’s so close, and I enjoyed the brief visit. Going to do that again soon. Was in Boston last weekend, where I a) saw some of Jamaica Plain (ha ha, yes really) b) toured the Sam Adams Brewery c) went to the North End and saw some crazyness d) saw some good friends of old in Cambridge.

So everything’s mostly good. I do have a few things on my mind probably like everyone else about the future. Going home for thanksgiving, which will be a good time. Also, trying to plan ahead for the next couple of months. I’ve got tickets to Atlantic City on dec. 24 and 25th roundtrip for a buck. I’m thinking I might actually go.

Also, if anyone who reads this wants to travel to Boston, NYC, DC, Atlantic City, or Philly for 4 bucks, let me know.

Really hard to condense so much these days.