Kind of ridiculous month

This month has been pretty ridiculous. It has included:

-SEVEN days (and counting) of telecommuting to work from home/ anywhere/ coffee shops. I have to say, I love the freedom, and the fact that I can really work on my own time. My bosses and I communicate mainly via AIM. Yeah, it can be a bit weird not having human contact while working, but the pros far outweigh the cons I think. And actually being employed full-time makes things even better.

-SPIN has been pretty chill. Only there like 4 hours a week, but its still cool to be a part of. Doing simple Excel stuff mainly…

-CMJ was this past week. It’s basically a bunch of free concerts around the city, many with open bars / giveaways, massive amounts of hipsters. Can get kind of intense. Ran into a former WBRS dj. Some of the bands were terrible though. Some comedically had their few groupies in front and noone else even listening. But as I said to my friend, “It’s not about the band, it’s about the scene.” Which I think would make a really good album title for some hardcore emo band. Skipped out on a few shows for my second NYC rooftop party, which was superb.

-The Halloween festival is this weekend. 2 million odd people turn out for this thing in Greenwich Village. All mayhem breaks loose, or so I hear.

-Saw sister out in Philly. She lives on South st., one of the coolest areas of Philly. I have to say, I like being there. It is a great city, and wouldn’t mind moving there someday (they call it the 5th borough since its so close to NYC). Back to boston for 7.50 again in two weeks.

Ah yes, gObama and go Rays.


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