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The last post I put on another blog, and forgot to throw up on here, just for those of you who read this one exclusively. So here’s what’s new since that last post….

this one is just about my new love for records:

Yaay, I have a record player. I’ve got like 5 albums, which include:

Ramones, s/t: maybe the definitive punk album of all time, and c’mon. It was practically created here (east village, new york, where Joey Ramone, CBGB’s, etc was…)

The Stone Roses UK, s/t: one of my favorites of all time. My boss at Flatiron and i love them. this is especially a great album on vinyl. though it doesn’t include one song that was a huge hit on the US version. i got the original non- US version I guess. or maybe its vice versa? either way, these guys are the godfather of all britpop…

The Prodigy- Experience: i wanted to change things up a bit and get some dance music. this is one of the best of its kind. theres reggae dub, dancie stuff, relaxed stuff.. yes, they sang smack my bitch up. but this album is their first, and perhaps best overall.

the pixies, both “surfer rosa” and “doolittle”: two separate purchases. but a great band, and both historic albums worth owning on vinyl.

the strokes- is this it: one of those albums that helped get me into music back in 01-02. it is almost more sentimental than anything else. plus its a great, rocking, indie rock album totally done new york style.

my bloody valentine- loveless: ridiculously great album to crank up loud and hear the complete sound on vinyl. this is perhaps the pinnacle of calculated noise. shoegazing. soo good.

arctic monkeys- whatever people say i am…: another big sentimental. these guys are awesome, and this is my favorite album since 03. its fast, clever, and amazing.


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