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Kind of ridiculous month

October 27, 2008

This month has been pretty ridiculous. It has included:

-SEVEN days (and counting) of telecommuting to work from home/ anywhere/ coffee shops. I have to say, I love the freedom, and the fact that I can really work on my own time. My bosses and I communicate mainly via AIM. Yeah, it can be a bit weird not having human contact while working, but the pros far outweigh the cons I think. And actually being employed full-time makes things even better.

-SPIN has been pretty chill. Only there like 4 hours a week, but its still cool to be a part of. Doing simple Excel stuff mainly…

-CMJ was this past week. It’s basically a bunch of free concerts around the city, many with open bars / giveaways, massive amounts of hipsters. Can get kind of intense. Ran into a former WBRS dj. Some of the bands were terrible though. Some comedically had their few groupies in front and noone else even listening. But as I said to my friend, “It’s not about the band, it’s about the scene.” Which I think would make a really good album title for some hardcore emo band. Skipped out on a few shows for my second NYC rooftop party, which was superb.

-The Halloween festival is this weekend. 2 million odd people turn out for this thing in Greenwich Village. All mayhem breaks loose, or so I hear.

-Saw sister out in Philly. She lives on South st., one of the coolest areas of Philly. I have to say, I like being there. It is a great city, and wouldn’t mind moving there someday (they call it the 5th borough since its so close to NYC). Back to boston for 7.50 again in two weeks.

Ah yes, gObama and go Rays.


Posted NOW!

October 10, 2008

The last post I put on another blog, and forgot to throw up on here, just for those of you who read this one exclusively. So here’s what’s new since that last post….

this one is just about my new love for records:

Yaay, I have a record player. I’ve got like 5 albums, which include:

Ramones, s/t: maybe the definitive punk album of all time, and c’mon. It was practically created here (east village, new york, where Joey Ramone, CBGB’s, etc was…)

The Stone Roses UK, s/t: one of my favorites of all time. My boss at Flatiron and i love them. this is especially a great album on vinyl. though it doesn’t include one song that was a huge hit on the US version. i got the original non- US version I guess. or maybe its vice versa? either way, these guys are the godfather of all britpop…

The Prodigy- Experience: i wanted to change things up a bit and get some dance music. this is one of the best of its kind. theres reggae dub, dancie stuff, relaxed stuff.. yes, they sang smack my bitch up. but this album is their first, and perhaps best overall.

the pixies, both “surfer rosa” and “doolittle”: two separate purchases. but a great band, and both historic albums worth owning on vinyl.

the strokes- is this it: one of those albums that helped get me into music back in 01-02. it is almost more sentimental than anything else. plus its a great, rocking, indie rock album totally done new york style.

my bloody valentine- loveless: ridiculously great album to crank up loud and hear the complete sound on vinyl. this is perhaps the pinnacle of calculated noise. shoegazing. soo good.

arctic monkeys- whatever people say i am…: another big sentimental. these guys are awesome, and this is my favorite album since 03. its fast, clever, and amazing.

Posted a week or so ago

October 10, 2008

So the past month has sort of been this “wtf is going to happen” ordeal. More in a good way than in a bad way. I’ve been working fairly hard at both Flatiron Media and Insound, and it has been overall a great experience. I was getting a stipend at Flatiron, and “store credit” at Insound, meaning they pay me in vinyl or whatever I decide on getting. To generalize, I’ve met some really interesting people to say the least. So something had to give.

And luckily, the guys at Flatiron liked me enough to ask me to stay on full-time. This is great prep for a future in the online world, especially in the entertainment industry, and I’m basically learning about some really important things on the job, and getting a good sense for how online business works. And they say that I will start reaping these benefits once I’m aboard FT starting October 1. They are actually doing better in a recession (sad, but true), so luckily I will have some nice job security.

Perhaps the icing on the cake is the ability to do something I have always dreamed of, work at a big time music magazine. I’m talking about Spin Magazine, number 2 in the country, second only to Rolling Stone. I applied there for the online marketing internship the day before the deadline just for the hell of it and sure enough they emailed me back. This caused a minor problem with my bosses over at Flatiron who wanted me completely FT, but we worked it out. I start next Wednesday, and am only working like 5-10 hours a week there. But hell, I’ll take anything at this point. It’s Spin f’ing mag. All those hours in the BMC have paid off I guess. Seriously, a dream come true. So I’m quitting Insound to do Spin. Exciting.

Finally, I’m really considering how school is going to fit into all of this. There are a few options, though Music Business or a Media Studies type thing at NYU Steinhardt seems really ideal at this point. Not sure when I’ll consider going back, but it might be sooner rather than later. I am quite prepared to be working around the clock with both school and night classes/ homework. After all, this is the city that never sleeps.. I hope getting into Spin put me over the edge…

My social life kinda sucks. But things are slowly picking up. And I’ve done quite a bit of travelling in these last few months. Went to Chicago, DC, Boston, and going to Philly in the near future. Anyone ever been to Atlantic City? I’m thinking of going…

Ah, yes. And this presidential election. I’ve been following quite closely. Gov. Palin reminds me of my hometown, and my boss and I have fun talking trash to our token Republican co-worker on a regular basis.

And seriously, folks. This is the best time of year in some ways. The Office is back. Football is going strong, and the baseball playoffs start. Oh yeah, I hear Halloween is ridiculous here (Greenwich Village to be precise). I’ve noticed I watch a lot more TV now and read a lot more news. Is that normal for post-grads?

That’s it for a good while…..