The past couple of weeks have been ridiculously awesome. These things have happened as follows:

  • First and most wonderful, I got an internship at Spin Magazine in online marketing. Spin Magazine. That’s the number 2 music magazine in the country with about a half million copies in circulation monthly, second only to Rolling Stone, I believe. I have been working for this kind of an opportunity for years. It is kind of a dream come true, and is an accumulation of all of the skills I’ve attained over the years. It’s part dot com marketing, part journalism, part music, part publicity. And they were very casual about it. I guess that’s just the way people do business around here. I should be starting there next week working about 10 hours per week. They gave me an advance copy of this month’s issue, which is also kind of cool. Yeehaw…
  • Heading up to Boston over the weekend. Going to a Harvard football night game, the only one of the year, and doing a bit of tailgating. Also seeing my dad who is staying near South Station/ Bank of America Pavilion in South Boston. Might see some Brandeis peeps.
  • Bloc Party concert for free tonight at Roseland Ballroom.
  • Getting to be crunch time for my internship at Flatiron Media. I’m getting more responsibility and just overall am working in different areas. Particularly interesting is dealing with media statistics, Comscore. They use this 50k per yer subscription service that chronicles like exactly who is viewing a website. It tells you what kind of cars people buy, how many kids they have, and so forth. Very interesting stuff.
  • Had a good friend come to visit. Went to Williamsburg, Kooks concert, Brooklyn Brewery, and simply just walked around.
  • Flew out to Chicago for cousin’s wedding. It is a nice city, I must say. Visited Wicker Park, the hipster mecca there, went on an architecture cruise, drank with cousins, and ate some ridiculously awesome steak.

So yeah. All in all its been good. The next few weeks could be even more interesting….


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