Thinking about the future

So tonight I have been sort of thinking about the next couple of years and where they might lead me. I guess I’ve considered going to Business school for a while now, to get an MBA. Of course, NYU Stern is right around the corner. But looking at some of the requirements, it kind of seems like I’d be taking a few less than desirable courses. We’re talking stats, finance, yadda yadda, which isn’t really that surprising for business school. I’m sure I could get thru this kind of stuff, but really, do I want to? So maybe I’m better off just going for the good old MA.

So that led me into looking into a few other options, and I have to say, The New School, looks freakin’ amazing. That is very close to NYU anyway, and has sort of an interesting history. A fairly amazing list of faculty too… No GMAT for this. I can get an MA in Media Studies, pretty much what I’m interested in. I think I will attend an info session at some point regarding this. Of course, I might not get in. But I think this could be a better path for me, and I’m glad to sort of realize this truth.

More on this to come, I’m sure.


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