A months worth of updates

So its been a while since my last update. Pretty much haven’t posted since I’ve started my new job. So here goes, a brief overview of the crazysexycool month of August:

-Started working at Flatiron Media full-time 3 days a week, and half-days on Tuesdays and Fridays. Basically, I’m doing a lot of different things, most dealing with the marketing side of the company. This entails a bit of excel spreadsheetage, emailing various companies back and forth in coordinating things, editing stuff on the new website they have launched, and trying to get the website out there. While it is certainly not the most glamorous job, which I didn’t expect it to be, it is an overall very positive experience. The bosses are very friendly, they have bought me lunch, drinks, and let me telecommute on various occasions, and are overall quite good people to work for. Telecommute, for those of you who do not know, basically means I can work from home, or wherever I would like, having a wealth of options here in NY, this is a nice added bonus usually once or twice a week. The office is in a very convenient location, and there are some nice places to eat in the area. I am a sucker for the Halal chicken and lamb platters. They are so cheap, and tasty! As for my status as a full-time employee following the end of this internship, I am not sure what will happen. But overall I can’t complain at all about the last several weeks.

-Also have continued working at Insound, which I chronicled briefly in my last post. It reminds me of the library I once worked at. They have a quirky mix of employees, while the overall atmosphere is usually pretty low key. It is more like volunteering to me really. The vinyl records market is doing very well as of late, and the company was featured in the NY Times the other day as a part of this trend, which I thought was cool. I’m saving up my accumulated store credit to get myself a free turntable.

– Other new stuff… I joined a gym 2 blocks away from here. They had a random one day a year deal where you get like 6 months free or something for signing up, so I figured what the hey, I should do this before the NYU kids come and winter sets in. Speaking of NYU kids, they are completely invading everything. I’m kind of assumed to be an NYU person from what I can tell, but it is doubly weird to be out yet still so close to all of the “action”.

-I visited DC, and it was a good experience. Stayed at a few friends’ houses in the city and in Northern Virginia, and went to perhaps one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to. Not only that, but I had a sketchy experience coming back from Baltimore, which I will chronicle in another upcoming post. Overall, I was a tourist that day and it was very nice to see all of these sites again. It is definitely a nice place, though it lacks something that New York has, though I’m not 100 percent sure what. Maybe it is simply too clean and not funky enough for me.

-Of course, job security has led me to the ability to sort of settle in to a little routine, so I’ve been exploring new paths and hanging out in new places each day after work to keep things interesting. I found this great coffee shop over in West Village, a hole in the wall bar that a family friend took me years ago, several secret bars inside of restaurants, a cool pier overlooking downtown and parts of Jersey, and a couple of cool movie theatres….I’ve been adding all of these new places to my Yelp account, and it is always an adventure to keep trying more and more.

-Couple people visited, and a couple more are on the way. Culturally, its been an amazing month. I’ve watched the olympics, the DNC, followed the VP hoopla / election religiously via Liberal blogs, and seen several new movies and rocked out to some awesome new music. All kinds of stuff leaked this past month, ranging from Of montreal, bloc party, fujiya and miyagi, damon albarns latest crazy side project, the walkmen, primal scream, the verve, along with my getting into some older stuff hardcore. i’m also more interested in NYC local news than ever.

-Planning a trip up to Boston in the near future, for a grand total of 7.50 roundtrip. Would like to explore more great cities over the next several months like Montreal, Toronto, and get back to Philadelphia to see the sister. Also want to at least go to Atlantic City for a daytrip and see how sketchy it really is. Going to Chicago for a wedding at the end of this week as well….And of course, once I run out of real estate in Manhattan to explore, Brooklyn is next. I live so close, yet I haven’t been there that often.

-yes, finally, it is weird to not be back at Brandeis. School has in fact started. But I am pretty content with where I am right now. They opened up a Quizno’s at Deis and moved the convenience store, and The Hoot published its first issue completely without me. But similar to the way things worked in HS, I was kind of ready/ prepared to go. Those daily jaunts out to Boston helped prepare me for the kind of urban independence I needed and yearned for out here in New York. Granted, it is nice to know a few people, and I am slowly meeting a few, and that is what I will miss most about Bdeis. But to say I miss Grad, Waltham, or Cappy’s would be a total joke.


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