The real world

well, tomorrow is an important day. i start working for the start of my true professional career at flatiron media. i wonder how long i will work here, and what it’ll be like. i think it was probably a good decision though to accept this thing.

today was also decent overall, as i started volunteering/ interning or whatever you want to call it at Insound. They are basically paying me in vinyl, haha. They give store credit, so I’m probably going to use that to buy a record player in a while, and then get some classic records. i basically met people and just packaged stuff. nothing too exciting, but they hire almost exclusively internally and im in it for the long run, i guess. they have a very international clientele, and i joked about using my college education to become an expert with packing tape. as it stands, it’ll be good thing that could lead to a job there, plus its just cool to be around that kind of stuff and the people involved in it.

some other cool stuff. If any of you like sports or want to get all kinds of cable channels and have a PC / Parallels, I found this thing called TVAnts and Sopcast, which are video streamers that allow you to watch practically any MLB / sports event online if you go to the right place. you just have to find the right link in the popular forum its really fairly easy. So I’m able to watch my Twins during their penant stretch, which is pretty awesome. and sometimes i even get the hometown broadcasters. i have a feeling this thing is going to be amazing come football season. Also got a cable to watch stuff from my computer on my flatscreen tv. nicee…

i am going to dc over the weekend to the virgin mobile fest. bob dylan, stone temple pilots, nine inch nails, iggy pop, moby, kanye west, the go team, black keys, and andrew bird for a reasonable price. should see a few comrades in dc too as well as your generic touristy spots.

cool, well things are about to get busy i think….


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