The month of July

Ah, July. Such a good month. I was fairly lazy in some ways, and not lazy at all in others. This month included:

– Settling on an internship that is paid at Flatiron Media. It should amount to being perfect prep for a future career in online marketing / business school. I start next Wednesday full-time.

– An offer / the ability to intern a few hours a week at They are an online music store based in Chelsea. They helped break bands like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and a few more, and are what people are directed to from the ridiculously popular/snobby/pretentious music review site Pitchfork Media. They would pay me in food money and store credit, of which I get a dollar per hour I work there. It would be kind of cool to buy my own turntable or something. I would be doing a lot of packaging and shipping though. Not so glamorous stuff, but nonetheless still a cool place. A five minute walk from Flatiron Media too.

– Interviews all over the place, jobs of which I didn’t get. I have one final one tomorrow at a PR firm in the Meatpacking District.

– A trip to Boston to visit various people and hit-up a Grad party. In Boston, I frequented all of my regular favorites, including Crazy Dough’s, Daisy Buchanans, Central Square, the 553 and 70 buses, Supreme Liquors, the Common, Cafe on the Common Coffee shop in Waltham, the Starbucks on State Street where Kentes works, and of course, all of the historic landmarks of Waltham. Walked through the Castle at Brandeis which was a good time. Went to a few local parties, and discovered a few new bars, one a German place called Jacob Wirth’s in the Theater District, and that there was a bar in South Station, hah. I shall return in late September.

– The Dark Knight opening day in Times Square, Siren Fest, McCarren Park Pool & walking the Williamsburg bridge, July 4th on the roof, all-star fan fest and the futures/ celebrity game

– Watched a bunch of random classic 80s movies: BTTF II, III, Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop I & II, Die Hard

– In addition, I’ve been walking between 5-10 miles a day. I’m turning into a serious power walking fiend. I walk all the way to Central Park and back, usually. That’s like 2- 2.5 hours on any given day, often with breaks in between.

Anyhow, I will probably add to this as I think of more stuff I did over the past month.


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