Kind of a middle of the night post but why not

Hey there peoples. I can’t fall asleep tonight. The last few days have in fact been quite eventful, as follows:

Thursday: The premiere of The Dark Knight, in Times Square. Now I’m not going to try and review this as it’s been done to death, but of course I enjoyed it. The line in Times Square stretched for blocks, and luckily my friend and I had both purchased tickets online for the first showing in advance, and were in the same theater. We were behind some girl whose boyfriend starting walking in, and my friend realized this and followed them. This meant that we got in before at least 80 percent of the people still waiting in line. They had shown up hours before we did to go to a later show. Ha Ha… And even better, we ended up in a section with no seats in front of it, right in the middle of the theater, next to a handicap seat that no one even sat in! All very hard to fathom, considering this was the biggest opening movie of all-time, in perhaps the epicenter of New York (and arguably the world…) Oh, and a subway ride back downtown at 3:30 am followed of course.

Opening night, Times Square

Opening night, Times Square

Friday: Interviewed at a place in Chelsea called Affiinitive. They are very similar to Kick Apps, though they are a bit more broad in dealing with social media. This basically means they do different kinds of consulting work around the Internet for major companies (GM, Sega, FOX, Nielsen to name a few). I’m not sure what to expect, it seems like I’m not as qualified there as I should be, considering I don’t really know that much formally about the marketing aspects, though I still am optimistic. They’ve got a wii, and ping pong table in their offices too, which is rockin’.

What is more likely to happen is that I’ll intern at Flatiron Media starting in August and then either stay on there for the long-term come Octoberish or use that knowledge to land a job at a place like Affinitive or more specifically in the music industry. Learning the marketing is first and foremost, and a good pre-req almost for many of the better things to come, or so I hope.

Following the interview, I hung out with a few friends, and had some tasty sushi and later pizza. Then Saturday. What a day. This involved a journey to Coney Island and meetup with a friend for the last ever Siren Music Festival, a free indie rock concert that the Village Voice throws every summer. The whole thing was surreal. I went two years ago and saw some good bands, but it wasn’t even necessarily the bands that made it surreal. Just the chaos of the entire place. It was a combination of tourists taking their kids on the rides, hipsters, people pigging out on fried foods, and sideshow entertainment. Of course, I hit up the famous Nathan’s, and ended up seeing Stephen Malkmus (formerly of Pavement), Ra Ra Riot, and Islands. I think I enjoyed Islands the best of all three, though I’d seen them previously.

Coney Island Chaos

Coney Island Chaos

Following the show, my friend and I hit the town, going to a couple bars/restaurants in my area. One place was right off of Tompkins Square Park, and this guy kept spilling all over my friend, which was obnoxious.

Sunday: Went to Williamsburg for another free concert, this time featuring Liars, F*ck Buttons, and some other random punk band who were okay. Now again, this is one of those things where the concert seems almost secondary. You’re seeing a concert in an empty pool called McCarren Park, and there are hipsters running around on a slip and slide and playing dodge ball. It’s turning back into a pool again after this summer too, which is mildly controversial within the area.  I saw Sonic Youth there last summer, and I have to say, it is a heck of a place to see a concert. Liars were decent, they a great on stage prescence. Photo below.

McCarren Park Pool hosting Liars

McCarren Park Pool hosting Liars

Then ended up walking around the area, taking a scenic journey across the Williamsburg Bridge back to Manhattan, and some random exploring of Greenwich Village. From there its not that interesting and I will talk of other things next time. But every weekend should be like that, seriously.


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