Couple Updates

I had another interview yesterday with this place called Kick Apps near Bryant Park in Midtown. They are the market leaders in selling different companies their own sort of built in social network services. A bunch of different places use them to help sort of power their websites, like NPR, New York Rangers, Bonnaroo, and ABC Family. This is certainly one of those jobs that is on the cutting edge, and they are sort of an established startup with about 75 employees and raking in the dough.

The problem is, the position would be more “sales” based, which I’m really not a fan of. I’ve never really wanted to do that since day one. I’d just be on the phone cold calling people and doing research for who to try and sell the product too next. Granted, I am not selling vacuum cleaners, but something useful. I talked to 3 different people and they all seemed very enthusiastic about everything, and it could be an opportunity.

I’m not sure what will happen next with that, but at the very least, it was a good glimpse into an established startup. The ones I’ve been at or interviewed with so far have been a little less far along in the overall process.

In other news, I put up an ad for a new roommate a few days ago. Since then, I’ve gotten like 30 responses, some kind of humorous, some actually legit. You can’t imagine the demand for sleeping on my couch in this location. Granted, I have to meet with everyone, show them the place, and go from there. If things work out, I might only be paying like 500-800 a month to live here. That might seem like a lot, but for Manhattan it is rockin…

Oh, and I got to go to two things that are awesome indeed, fan fest and the MLB Futures and Celebrity/Legends game, part of Baseball’s All-Star Weekend. It was fairly amazing to have the All-Star game here and to be at Yankee Stadium this weekend. It was weird though since the Yankees weren’t playing, which in a way was kind of nice for a non-Yankee fan. All these random celebrities played too, which was kind of funny to watch.

Finally, I’ve been pretty much on my own for most of these days. It can be a bit isolating at times, but generally I’ve been fairly preoccupied in the job search, and there have been a share of guests/visitors here. A friend and I are going to go to Siren Fest this Saturday, a completely free music festival on Coney Island. Like Yankee Stadium, they’re basically closing down Coney Island after this year. I have to say, the lineup isn’t as impressive as it has been in past years, but it is a happening. It is the one day a year that the hipsters invade the park, and I just can’t miss that.

To sort of kill all this pented up energy, I’ve been doing a lot of walking. Like an hour and a half to two hours every day. It’s nice because I usually try and pick a final location and just go. I went to Battery Park City, this giant community near Battery Park with a nice view of the river, and walk around the village alot. Next on my list is to walk the Williamsburg bridge over to Williamsburg.

That is all for now then.


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