Job Updates



Well then, it has been an interesting couple of weeks as far as jobs go. Unfortunately, I did not get what could have been a very good job at the American Association of Independent Music. They wrote me a very nice email back, and since there are only 3 people working for the company in set roles it is kind of one of those things that probably has little mobility. But they at least told me that if they needed someone they’d be sure to contact me. So at least I got a little bit of networking out of it, though I won’t be going to CMJ, SXSW, or Cannes, France for free.

The interview at Nielsen was ok. They are literally like 5 minutes from here, in the very same building that I interviewed at for the job at mtvU. They wanted someone to basically be in charge of a moderately new social network they were endorsing, I assume I didn’t get that one either, since I haven’t heard anything.

What I did get was a paid internship position at an online marketing / advertising company called Flatiron Media. They help to manage various aspect of online ads campaigns on some huge sites, like eHarmony, Buzznet, and Beliefnet. It’ll be direct one on one with the CEO of the company who has an amazing background in this kind of stuff. About halfway into this podcast, he and another associate discuss the company and their ideas. They are for real.

To top it all off, this job is in Flatiron, an area just north of Union Square and Greenwich Village, and close to Chelsea and the southern part of Midtown. It’ll be a 25 minute walk to work every day, or an even shorter ride. But I think I’ll walk. Now this isn’t exactly what I wanted when I came here in the first place, but the more I think about it, the better it sounds.

The kinds of things they are doing are more relevant than ever. Generating revenue online isn’t exactly a dying breed (as is print journalism), isn’t something that has an enormously shaky future (the music industry or film industry), and really is kind of on the cutting edge. Plus, in a few years it won’t hurt when it comes to going to a good business school. The CEO is very friendly & likes britpop, its an intimate office setting, and the fact that the Flatiron building / Madison Square Park / Union Square are so close makes it ideal for lunch breaks and such.

So I’m looking at the positive aspects of this. The negatives are that it doesn’t start until the first week of August. They aren’t paying me enough to make a living, but that would only be for a few months, and then it’d be a full- time gig. And while the full-time gig may seem inevitable now, who knows what could happen. And perhaps most importantly, it might not be the most exciting of all areas of entertainment / media to get into. But it is a gateway to those things, I think.

So that gives me either a couple of weeks to have some crazy ridiculous times, or to continue applying for other jobs in the hopes I get something better. I’m guessing it’ll be a combination of both of those.


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