A month later

So it has been almost exactly one month since I arrived here for good (move in date was June 5th). So I’m gonna take a look at the pros and the cons and the progress I’ve had in general…

The month of June 2008

–Stayed in a hostel for 2 nights and found a great jazz club with sister.

–Moved in with the sister with little to no warning to East 4th street, Avenue A. Discovered I get free wifi in my room and on the roof. Moving in required trips back and forth to the local storage facility over about a week and a half period, which really became annoying.

–Worked for about a week and a half full time at a medical journal online doing layout.

–Had numerous guests/ hung out with many people, including: Sister, Limo, Kleinstein, Emerdoodles, Dustin, Goldman, Farr, Pep and GF, Chris Malchow, Robbie Schwartz, Rothman, Sri, Greg Farr.

–Ran into probably half a dozen Brandeis students many of whom I knew vaguely or were alums.

–Had coffee with a Jewish girl at Barnard. Hung out in someone’s Stuy Town apartment, where I almost lived.

–Established the local bar of choice, “The Continental”, where Iggy Pop drank, and a place that offers 5 shots of any kind of good quality alcohol for 10 bucks. Not only that, but Yeungling is like 1.50 after 8 every night. It’s right on St. Mark’s and like next to the nearest subway, ha. Second place at the moment: Lilly Coogan’s, not for the booze but the fact that they have as many free hot dogs as you’d like if you buy a drink.

–Attended a “rooftop party” next door. Got rained on and ended up not going to see “Vampire Weekend” for free in Central Park. Drank free PBR in hipster Mecca Williamsburg. Had shots with 50 year old veterans of Iraq. Had a cappucino in Little Italy with 6 shots of different kinds of alcohol in it and where Sly Stallone, Danza, James Caan and other Italians hung out. Learned about graffiti in East Village. Smoked hookah on Houston St. and in Williamsburg. Walked from one end of Central Park to another, and through Morningside Park.

–Numerous job opportunities that didn’t quite pan out. But most were unpaid stuff that I didn’t necessarily want anyway.

–An internship offer that is unpaid at musicdish.com. Not a fan of the unpaid.

–Interviews at a2im.org, a union of independent music labels, Nielsen Media, and Flatiron Media, an online advertising firm. I hope to god I get the a2im gig. More on that later, hopefully.

–A trip home to see nearly everyone in my entire family. A trip to White Castle, Caribou coffee and the “Nickelodeon Adventure Park” or whatever it is now at the Mall of America, and a ride out on the lake also ensued.

–Nice new speakers, iPod, and random shit for the house. Also established that I’m next to a discount liquor store that cares more about me stealing shit than carding me, and a 24 hour grocery store. The latest I think I’ve been in there so far is 3 amish, so I gotta improve upon that at some point.

–Given Pep a blister and then saving his life to make up for it.

–Heard a woman yell the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard at a driver. She yelled, “I hope you die and get your head chopped off” or something along those lines. Completely serious.

Ah June. What will July bring?


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