Fairly surreal times

Figure it is about time for an update. The last couple of weeks have been absolutely ridiculous. I’ve been working sort of temporarily at a medical journal doing layout type stuff, which is in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. They may or may not keep me on, now that their latest issue has been completely layed out. I have to sort of give them an outline of what I’d be doing there besides layout, so I might end up doing a lot of the IT/ Tech stuff, uploading videos, getting traffic to the website etc.. Have a couple interviews at places that I’m more interested in for the long term, but I have no idea how that’ll go.

All kinds of people have been in and out of here too. This included rainy trips to see Vampire Weekend in Central Park for free, eating free hot dogs in bars around here, rooftop parties next door, walking around and looking at local graffiti in the area, talking about gentrification with bartenders, drinking alcohol with Jordan Rothman and meeting his brother, and running into someone completely randomly and drinking bombs with ex- Iraqi war veterans. That was weird. They were friend’s of a friend, and it was this guy’s 50th birthday, and he requested to come on my roof for the view.

So yeah. Pretty good times. I also went home to MN for a grad party type thing and saw all my family pretty much. We had like 13 people staying in our house for a few days, and I got to take my cousin to White Castle, which he strongly craved.

The other great thing about this place is that there are like free giveaways/ events/ bars like everyday. There is no reason to get bored. Man, is it storming out right now.


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