Brushing up on my InDe$ign Skills

Alright. Some more good news. I got some responses back from my job applications, but none really amounted to anything. Then yesterday a guy got back to me and I had one of those easy phone interviews. Basically, I just went in today to the Upper East Side and did some layout for this medical journal, called I know absolutely nothing about medical/ tech/ health that they’re covering, but its pretty professional overall, and in some ways very similar to the way The Hoot was put together. I even offered some useful ideas regarding how to organize things. G’bless The Hoot. Was based in a studio/ office sort of near the Met I suppose.

They were paying my $17.50 an hour to boot, to do things I sort of toiled away with for free with The Hoot for hours and hours on end. It’s funny, my InDesign/ layout skills aren’t even that superb, I’m a bit rusty, but it really isn’t stuff that’s very complicated. So hooray. Easy money, and possibilities for working with these kinds of media groups in the future.

They’re also very New Media oriented, so I may / may not get involved in those aspects. It’s sort of a temp gig it seems, though they said they might keep me on for the long term. It is really just some money on the side, something to do while I apply for more long term stuff. But lord knows, I might be still working there in a few months and laugh at this post.

Today it was sweltering too, and every time they tried to turn on a fan the power would go out on the surrounding couple of computers… So that was kind of annoying, and I had to keep restarting my computer. There was this really indie chick who was rocking the typical Brooklyn hipster femme look, she had the black rimmed glasses, red lipstick, tattoo and all the right clothing. The main guy, the CEO kind of reminded me of Owen Wilson. He is apparently from Minnetonka, MN, or nearby. How very random.

So at least my job apps are sort of starting to pay off. Not sure what to expect for tomorrow, when I’ll be working for a longer period most likely.


4 Responses to “Brushing up on my InDe$ign Skills”

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  2. scrimers Says:

    Knew I should have moderated the comments, hahah.

  3. johnfarr Says:

    it’s like that commenter has known you your whole life, andy.

  4. scrimers Says:

    yeah, i wonder who it could possibly be. all of the spammers i know are from holyjoke Massachussetts.

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