Quick Update

The last few days have been fairly low key. I have been applying left and right to a zillion jobs all over the city, moving things in slowly but surely, and getting a better grip on the surrounding area. I also helped a Brandeis friend, Pep, decide on which apartment he would move into. He’s going to be near Times Square in Hell’s Kitchen, a nice area, but not really my thing. I think most NYers despise Times Square for its Disneyification of sorts, though it will be nice to be able to visit him and be around every once in a while. I also hung out with another friend, Limo, who is living for free in Queens for the summer, and today John Farr is coming to visit. We may finally make that trip to Katz’s Deli, though its like ridic overpriced. But I feel that it is fairly necessary to get to at least once since I’m so close.

Other than that, not a whole lot to say. It is crazy hot outside, I found a new way of watching the NBA Finals online without a tv (justin.tv), and I’ve been drinking a lot of this espresso coffee that I purchased to make at home from Little Italy.


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