Moving to New York

So here I am, after all of these months of searching, in my apartment at 4th Street and Avenue A, in New York.. I cannot tell you how big of a relief it is to finally be here, not to mention the fact that this is a great place for the right price in an amazing area. The last month or so has been completely RIDICULOUS. I’ve studied for finals, been to NYC and back twice in less than a month to look at apartments, celebrated during senior week, graduated from college like everyone else, visited London with my family, stayed in a hostel for several days with my sister, and now FINALLY moved in.

There’s really a lot to cover here, though I’m just going to talk about the basics and eventually the details will come out in future posts. Whoever says you can’t live comfortably in Manhattan for less than 2k is completely wrong. This apartment has a huge bedroom with a nice bed, a common space with a big couch, all your kitchen supplies, and 2 bathrooms, one with a toilet, the other with a shower. I’m next to a 24 hour grocery store, which is a pretty awesome store in itself, and even sells a wonderful array of foods, beers, and such. Then there’s a discount liquor store, and one of those awesome magazine/ newspaper shops with like everything right across the street from that! Ha…

And the East Village, let me tell you, is amazing. This area along with Alphabet City, which I’m also sort of in, were really sketchy maybe 15 years ago, but not so bad these days. There are dozens of beautiful public gardens where you can just kind of walk in and chill lining these streets. This isn’t exactly the skyscrapered New York most people think of when they picture the city. It’s also almost all local businesses in the immediate vicinity. And I’m like literally 4 blocks from St. Mark’s Place, one of the coolest streets in the city. It’s lined with crazy t-shirts, hookah sets, record stores, and sushi bars. Then if I walk in any particular direction for 10-15 minutes, I can be in Union Square (just a great place to sit and hangout), Greenwich Village (aaamazing night life, stores, food, etc), Lower East Side (Katz’s Deli is so close I can smell the Corned Beef), SoHo (trendy clothes and what not), and a train to Brooklyn’s coolest area, Williamsburg. Also pretty awesome to have casual 15 minute walking access to Chinatown and Little Italy. There are too many food options to choose from. I can’t tell you how awesome this is after having literally ONE option (Cappy’s, god bless your mediocre food) all the time at Brandeis.

I don’t have to have a car either, which I think makes things a lot cheaper and easier for me overall.
I’m also still kind of in the process of moving in, and will be spending the summer splitting the rent with my resident partner in crime, Dusty Bear. After having to try and advocate for him as well as myself for housing arrangements with random people I contacted thru Craigslist, I’m really glad that things will work out for the both of us. Come September though, I’ll probably have to fill his spot in order to save some money.

Jobwise, I have a part- time gig with an online music video startup, but they are a few months away from letting me work full – time, so I’ve just started to search a bit more for more substantial jobs. Got a reply back from a couple people, and it looks like this company Momentum Worldwide was interested in interviewing. They’re like this ridiculous online marketing/ promotions company who do a lot of promotion of music events, and other companies. It is by no means my ideal job but it could definitely work.

Of course, it is a bit different being here all on my own, after not having a moment to myself for the past several weeks. I’m kind of enjoying the pure freedom right now, though of course it is sad not to be in closer contact with Deis people. But it looks like a lot of Grads will be in the area overall, and I’m sure I’ll be able to keep myself fairly busy. I actually ran into a Brandeis ’08er who I didn’t really know at a coffee shop in SoHo, and we talked for a bit. She actually had her computer up, and was watching a video on The Hoot’s website, which I thought was hilarious. What are the odds?

Well, there are certainly a lot of gaps to fill, much to say about London, my sister’s visit, and graduation, etc, but not now. I gotta get out on this beautiful day and move some more stuff and take it all in.


6 Responses to “Moving to New York”

  1. Alysha Sandow Says:

    It sounds really cool!
    I’m looking to move to NY from Australia within the next 6months, alot to plan but alot to look forward too.
    Hope its all going well in New York!

  2. scrimers Says:

    Yeah, though I’m curious how you ended up finding my blog. Why are you moving to NY specifically?

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